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 Corp Information

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Talena Majere
Talena Majere

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PostSubject: Corp Information   Corp Information Icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2011 8:44 pm

Join a Corporation with a direction!

The Nucking Futters is a new high security corporation operating within the Gallente Federation.

Our mission is to supply New Eden with a wide array of ship modules, ships, ammo, rigs, and their Tech 2 variants

TNF has many diverse services to offer those new to EVE, as well as veteran players. All players of any Time Zone will have the opportunity to build relationships and teams with players from around the globe.

During your stay with TNF, you will expierence:
•Mining Operations with Orca support
•Joint mission operations running up to Lv 5 missions
•Low Sec fleet roams
•WH operations

The vast ammount of freedom offered in this corporation is not easily found else where. You can do anything you can think of in Eve. And we are here to help you achieve that, what ever it may be.

The programs we offer include:

•Ship replacement
•Free T1 ammo to all corp members
•Discounted ship and T2 ammo prices (based on trade hub pricing)

A new thing we are trying starting in April of 2011, a new way to pay our miners. Details available upon request.

Apply now!
If you're interested in joining such a corp. and am open to learning new things, submit an application, which must include your character ID and limited API key and brief statement about who you are and what your general focus is, to Talena Majere ingame, or join the chat channel "Loney Bin" for more information.

For more information please see our website at
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Corp Information
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